Security Users

Security Users

Periodical clearance & pre-employment screening for security organizations

LVA-i tests offer a very flexible, highly accurate and cost-effective solution for veracity and psychological evaluation of operational forces and sensitive positions’ recruitment. Used for threat estimation in selected topics of interest with current employees and employment candidates.

LVA-i is an essential recruiting tool for any security organization and for in-house security departments conducting periodical clearances.

  • Highly cost-effective solutions for integrity assessment
  • Completely automated assessment process
  • Enhance security and safety of the employees and the organization’s environment
  • Promote fair hiring practices by providing unbiased assessments
  • Customized questionnaires designed for various specific needs
  • Unsuitable emotional profiles' detection for sensitive tasks and positions (when using specially designed questionnaires)
  • Intuitive and easy to understand reports
  • Language-independent: analyzes responses in any language
  • Easily operated by everyone - Full training of the LVA-i platform operation takes less than a single day!

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