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LVA-i is a pre-employment & personality testing platform, that integrates our unique voice analysis technology with carefully designed sets of questionnaires to create a pleasant and unbiased evaluation environment and easy to read reports.

Key features of LVA-i HR recruitment platform

Pre-employment vetting
Integrity tests that measure the potential and probable risk of a candidate in the initial phase of recruitment procedures
Periodic tests
Veracity and integrity tests for all levels of employees every 6 months - organizational “honesty maintenance”
Personality tests
Management skills, personality traits, emotional stability - is this candidate the right one for the job?
Auto report generation
Intuitive and easy to understand
Tailor Made Questionnaires
Customized questionnaires designed
for various specific needs
Language independent
Analyzes responses in any language
No bias
No age, gender or ethnic bias
Enables mass vetting in short time frames
Save time & money for HR recruiters

LVA-i tests can be delivered in 3 ways


Structured interview over the phone/VoIP, assisted by a phone operator


Automated interviewing procedure in a Human-PC interaction


Using 3rd party IVR or web service


LVA-i offers the optimal balance

Up until now, HR and security managers around the world had to choose between highly reliable, but uncomfortable and expensive HR evaluation procedures, to low cost testing - but expect far less reliable results.
LVA-i comes to balance all that.

LVA-i tests are readily available and are easily administered. Nemesysco’s LVA technology captures unique and uncontrolled voice properties through carefully structured questioning procedures, and offers reliability and predictability that are unmatched by any similar evaluation platform.
All of these are offered at a test price that makes it suitable even for mass vetting procedures.


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